About us

Who are we?

 Imbali is an accredited crafts and design training organisation training talented and creative youth and women from disadvantaged backgrounds to become craft entrepreneurs. We also train art teachers and develop resources for arts education. We have been in existence for 29 years and have an excellent track record.

 We are based in Newtown (Johannesburg), but work all over Gauteng and in a number of other provinces in South Africa. We run full-time and part-time programmes, short courses, and special projects in a range of arts and culture areas.  



 We change people’s lives through crafts and arts education and training.



Imbali is committed to achieving and maintaining a leadership role in the arts, crafts and design education and training sector through upholding high standards of training and professional teacher development, emphasising quality, creativity and innovation in everything we do.


Crafts training objectives:

  • To provide quality crafts training to women,  the unemployed and youth at risk
  • To develop specific craft and design skills that encourage and enable economic independence, including business and marketing skills appropriate to this industry
  • To develop self-confidence and a sense of individual worth, enabling self-reliance through the acquisition of skills
  • To facilitate quality craft production, creative imagination and originality of design
  • To provide students with access to outlets for marketing and selling products
  • To promote awareness of South Africa’s diverse and varied cultural heritage
  • To build capacity in craft-teaching - through training, apprenticeships, and mentoring


Teacher training objectives:

  • To enable teachers to develop and teach visual literacy skills
  • To equip teachers to teach art making skills and techniques
  • To develop awareness and appreciation of our arts and culture heritage
  • To develop in both teachers and learners, creative thinking, innovation, critical analysis, assessment  and problem-solving skills
  • To enable teachers to understand the ways in which our cultures embody the ideas and values of both individuals and communities
  • To help both teachers and learners acquire skills with which to observe, question, challenge and contribute to the values and directions of our communities
  • To develop self-expression, self confidence and a sense of individual identity
  • To work towards social and personal development through art and culture education and training
  • Imbali is a not-for-profit organisation thus we depend on funding for all our activities.