Impact of teacher training

Research is showing that our courses have had an enormous impact on Arts and Culture teaching and learning.

I was discouraged when I was told that I had to teach arts and culture but now I can see the way forward...  - Maleepile Gladys Kebautlwile

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The numbers of learners directly benefiting grows constantly year-by-year. According to Education Department District officials, in the period from 1999 to 2005, approximately 58 000 learners were directly affected by teachers who have gone through our courses. Our follow-up research indicates, as well, that many of these teachers, in turn pass on skills and knowledge to their colleagues. Some of our teachers subsequent to their Imbali course are requested by their Districts to run workshop training.

From 2006 to 2011 we have nearly doubled the number of teachers that we have trained and it is estimated that 116 000 learners have been directly benefited.

From our craft students and teachers

‘This course is giving me all good skills that I want in life. I am learning all kinds of handwork. Imbali is a project that helps people who need skills.’ Thapelo Mokgwelwa