Imbali Visual Literacy Project offers a subsidized 2-year full time craft training course. For the first 18 months participants attend full time at the Imbali studio in Newtown and learn a variety of craft and design skills, techniques and theory. The final 6 months is an incubator where participants are supported to develop their own designs for craft products, as well as to produce and market these products with a view to starting their own businesses. The first 18 months of training covers unit standards for a Craft Production Skills Programme, a Craft Enterprise Skills Programme as well as a unit standard on facilitation (all accredited through the CATHS Seta). Once you have completed and submitted this application form Imbali will contact you to arrange for an interview. Interviews will be scheduled between 15 and 23 January 2024. You will need to bring samples of your work (portfolio) to the interview. Programme starts: Wednesday 24 January 2024. Read the application information

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